Camo Comfy Harness Dog Leash

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Our Camo Comfy Dog Harness is the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and style for your medium to large breed companions.
Designed specifically for medium to large breeds, it ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Featuring padding for extra comfort during walks and adventures, this harness is crafted from breathable material to keep your furry friend cool and comfortable.
The harness also includes reflective parts, making it ideal for night walks by enhancing visibility and safety. It's equipped with a smart lock for easy and secure attachment.

Available in various sizes to cater to different breeds (examples for reference only), please measure your pet's size before purchase:

S: Chest 45-51cm ; Neck 40-48cm (Chow Chow, Bulldog)

M: Chest 52-60cm ; Neck 45-54cm (Samoyed, Small Husky)

L: Chest 63-77cm ; Neck 54-67cm (Labrador, Golden Retriever, Adult Husky)