Pee Pad with Lemon Scent

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Indulge in the epitome of cleanliness and freshness with our Lemon-Scented Pee Pads.

These pee pads come in three convenient sizes:
Small (33cm*45cm) with a generous pack of 100 pads.
Medium (45cm*60cm) available in packs of 50 pads.
Large (60cm*60cm) provided in packs containing 20 pads.

Our pee pads excel in absorbing messes quickly and efficiently, while their antibacterial properties ensure a pristine environment for your cherished pet.

The delightful lemon scent not only tackles odors but also leaves behind a refreshing fragrance. These pads are adaptable for use with pee trays, offering a versatile and pragmatic solution for your pet's potty needs.

Choose our Lemon-Scented Pee Pads for an experience that's not only cleaner and fresher but also a touch of luxury for both you and your pet.