Pet Plastic Playpen / Fence Set of 4

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Our Pet Playpen is a versatile and secure solution for pet owners to establish safe boundaries for their pets.

Each panel measures 90cm in length and 60cm in width.
When fully set up, the dimensions are 90cm in length, 90cm in width, and 60cm in height, creating a spacious and safe enclosure.

Constructed from durable and safe PP plastic material, ensuring the longevity and safety of your pets.
Each set includes four panels, offering flexibility in setting up the playpen according to your space and pet's needs.
Suitable for cats, dogs, and rabbits, making it a versatile choice for different types of pets.

The playpen is foldable, allowing for easy assembly and storage when not in use.
You can effortlessly remove or add panels to adjust the size and shape of the enclosure as needed.
To enhance stability, each set comes with free corner holders for added security.
Provide your pets with a safe and controlled play area using our Pet Playpen. It's a practical solution for pet owners seeking to create a secure and spacious environment for their companions.