Automatic 6 Meal Food Dispenser

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The 6-Meal Automatic Pet Food Dispenser is a convenient solution for pet owners with busy schedules or those on short trips.

Measurement: 32.4cm diameter ; 9cm height

Weighs 1.25kg, providing stability and making it challenging for pets to tip over.

Perfect for pet owners who work long hours or are away for a couple of days.
Battery-operated, requiring 4 pieces of type C batteries (not included).
Dispenses up to 6 meals, with each meal portion set at 180g, ensuring your pet is well-fed and on schedule.
Features a timer function to set precise meal feeding sessions, preventing overeating.
Includes a voice recording function to offer your pet a comforting mealtime message.
Easy to clean as all parts are detachable for hassle-free maintenance.

With our 6-Meal Automatic Pet Food Dispenser, you can ensure your fur kid receives their meals on time, even when your schedule is hectic. It's a reliable and convenient solution for both you and your pet.