Carrot Cat Scratch Post

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The Carrot Cat Scratch Post stands at a height of 43cm with a base size of 30cm x 30cm, making it suitable for cats below 7kg.

Its compact size and easy assembly make it the perfect playtime accessory for your cat.

Featuring a sturdy base and a carrot-shaped scratching pole, your cat will love to sink their claws into this scratch post.

The soft and fluffy green top adds an extra element of play and comfort for your furry friend, making it the perfect spot for them to relax after a good scratch.

This cute and quirky cat scratch post not only adds a touch of fun to your home decor but also satisfies your cat's natural instinct to scratch. So, get your paws on the Carrot Cat Scratch Post today and let your cat indulge in their scratching needs while having a blast!