XL Cat Litter Box with Drawer Tray and Sieve

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Our XL Cat Litter Box with Drawer Tray and Sift is the perfect solution for a clean and convenient litter box experience for your adult cat.

Generous dimensions: 56cm Length * 45cm Width * 23.5cm Height, providing ample space for your cat's comfort.
Includes a sieve for efficient litter management, ensuring cleanliness and ease of use.
Features a convenient drawer tray for effortless disposal of cat litter, saving you time and hassle.

Specifically designed for adult cats, accommodating their needs comfortably.
Each set comes with a free scoop, making the task of maintaining a clean litter box even more straightforward.

Upgrade your cat's restroom experience with our XL Cat Litter Box, designed to prioritize cleanliness and convenience, both for you and your feline companion.

Please note that our warehouse recently underwent minor renovations, and some products may have accumulated dust or dirt. We kindly recommend washing or cleaning the product thoroughly before use to ensure its pristine condition.