Denim Pet Harness And Leash Set

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The Denim Pet Harness and Leash Set is a stylish and functional choice for your fur kid's walks.

Available in three sizes:
Size S: Harness adjusts from 25cm to 34cm; Leash thickness is 1cm.
Size M: Harness adjusts from 26cm to 38cm; Leash thickness is 1.5cm.
Size L: Harness adjusts from 33cm to 51cm; Leash thickness is 2cm.

Each set includes a 1.2m leash, providing freedom and security during walks.
The harness is adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for your pet.
Walk your pet in style and comfort with our Denim Pet Harness and Leash Set, designed to make every outing a pleasant and fashionable experience.