Ergonomic Pet Bowl

Regular price $20.00

The perfect way to ensure your furry friend has a comfortable mealtime experience. This bowl is designed to lower the chances of vomiting after feeding, making it the ideal choice for pets with sensitive stomachs.

The ABS plastic stand of the bowl features a sleek and modern design, with a sturdy glass bowl that's both durable and stylish. The 10 degree inclination of the bowl allows for comfortable feeding, reducing strain on your pet's neck and spine.

The anti-slip stable base ensures that the bowl stays in place, even if your pet is an enthusiastic eater. With removable parts, the bowl is easy to wash and keep clean, ensuring that your pet always has a hygienic place to eat.

The adjustable height of the bowl (15-18cm) makes it suitable for both dogs and cats of various sizes, providing maximum comfort for your furry friend during mealtime. Whether you have a tiny teacup pooch or a large breed, the Ergonomic Pet Bowl is the perfect choice.