Pet Kibble Airtight Container with Free Scoop

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Here comes the ultimate storage solution for pet owners! This container is designed to keep your pet's food fresh and safe.

Size M - 34cm length * 25.5cm width * 43cm height
Size L - 38cm length * 28.5cm width * 48cm height
Size XL - 45cm length * 33cm width * 49cm height

M suitable for up to 10kg pet kibbles
L suitable for up to 15kg pet kibbles
XL suitable for up to 20kg pet kibbles, comes with wheels

With double silicone seals around the lid, this container keeps food safe from any moisture, pests, and other unwanted critters. The free food scoop included in the package makes portioning a breeze, helping you feed your furkid with ease. Additionally, the silica gel packet holder helps keep your pet's kibble dry and fresh.

Say goodbye to stale, unappetizing pet food and hello to the fresh, delicious meals that your furkid deserves.