Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Dumb Bell With Bells

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Meet our Dog Toy Teeth Cleaning Rubber Dumb Bell, a fantastic addition to your pet's dental health and playtime.

This compact dumbbell is just 12cm in length, making it easy for your pet to hold and play with. It contains 2 bells inside, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement during playtime.

Crafted from Thermo Plastic Rubber, this toy is both durable and safe for your pet to chew on. It features textured studs that provide effective teeth cleaning and gum massage while your dog chews and plays.

The sturdy construction ensures that this toy can withstand your dog's energetic play and enthusiastic chewing. Prioritize your pet's dental health and entertainment with our Dog Toy Teeth Cleaning Rubber Dumb Bell. It's a fun and effective way to promote their oral hygiene while keeping them happily engaged and active.