Pet Travel Hard Case Carrier / Airline Crate

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The Pet Travel Hard Case Carrier / Airline Crate is a secure and practical solution for pet transportation.

Dimensions: 48cm length X 32cm width X 29.5cm height, providing ample space for your pet's comfort.
Lightweight: Weighing approximately 2kg after assembly, it's easy to handle and transport.
Suitable for pets below 4kg, ensuring a secure and comfortable journey for your furry companion.

Constructed from durable and sturdy PP plastic material, offering longevity and safety during travel.
Excellent ventilation and airflow to keep your pet comfortable and stress-free.
Equipped with a smart lock system, providing security and peace of mind.
Convenient dismantling for space-saving storage when not in use.
Simplify pet transportation with our Pet Travel Hard Case Carrier / Airline Crate. It's a reliable choice that prioritizes your pet's comfort and safety during journeys, whether by land or air.

Please note: Ensure that this item meets your airline's specific requirements before using it for air travel.

Customer Reviews

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Great product with some small errors

The edges are rather sharp (outside), so I cut myself while putting it together, there is some small misalignment in Design when fully screwed tight.

I do love that the grate has a little floor mat thing inside for the cats so peepads can be placed there incase of Long travel.

There are 2 peepads that came free! Thank you :)

There is a bowl that can be securely (you must press hard to lock it down- which is good) on the case door for snacks etc.

Door hinge area when opened (if cat is inside) doesn’t have a safety measure, so my cat got her paw stuck and yelped- so have to be really careful with the hinge area (my other old not from this store crates do not have this issue- not entirely sure why).

The locks are sturdy, carrier is strong and can hold together (tested), and I would recommend to those who would prefer to keep a budget and don’t mind the minor defects - like myself. :)