Anti Splash Cat Litter Box

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Upgrade your cat's litter experience with our Anti-Splash Cat Litter Box.

This thoughtfully designed litter box measures 41cm in length, 37cm in width, and 52cm in height, with an opening size of 26.5cm by 23cm. Weighing approximately 2.2kg, it's both sturdy and practical.

The innovative design of this litter box is crafted to prevent accidental splashes and keep cat litter from flying around.
Additionally, the footboard effectively traps excess cat litter, ensuring a cleaner and tidier environment for your fur kid.

Ideal for adult cats, this litter box offers a more hygienic and hassle-free solution for both you and your pet. Upgrade to the Anti-Splash Cat Litter Box and say goodbye to messy cleanups and scattered litter.